Long Island Content Creations Has Officially Launched! – October 23rd, 2017

Our Entrepreneurial Vision:

“We want to disrupt the creative dynamic of both home-grown and corporate businesses through our technical innovations and solution-driven practices to bring the best results for target customer acquisition.” – L.I. Content Creators.

We may be millennials with entrepreneurial passion. But, it is our passion that has brought us to create Long Island Content Creations. We live in an ever-advancing technology driven world and we have made it our mission to not only embrace this world, but to also disrupt it. 

With our educational background in the business markets, finance, management information systems, entrepreneurship, and business management we have been able to learn about the importance of business analytics, development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing. From all of this, we have learned about the relevance and need of an online presence.

With that, we have created our business: LI Content Creations!

Our Services:

We believe that the way a business’ website looks truly portrays a first image to potential customers.  We like to think of it as a painting of your business.  UX/UI (User Experience Design/User Interface Design) has become an extremely important aspect of any business’ website.

Most people are captured by a first glance. If that glance turns into more clicks and ultimately a conversion (your end goal as a business owner), then we believe it is an award-winning site.  If a website is attractive, a customer may be more inclined to continue to read and learn more about a business’ product and/or service. 

In addition, a customer may only be as loyal as the ease in which the company brings to him/her.  The user interface of any website is extremely valuable to bring customers to the exact point at which a business is trying to sell them.  This means that the site is clear in maps, links, and visual purpose.

Our design and development service is intended to help businesses with or without websites bring an even greater online image to their business!    

Want to bring your business to the top of a consumer’s search? 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become one of the most sought-after services when it comes to having an online presence.

We often times see that a consumer is unlikely to continue searching on a search engine, such as Google, for more than 1-2 pages.  That is why we have learned to stress the importance of this service.  

SEO does not involve just one action but several to bring a business to the top.  Google, for instance, believes in truly organic material and their bots are programmed to look for just that.  It would be our goal to make sure your business is set out to portray exactly what it is selling to bring the specific customer base you are looking for!

Sometimes it takes a little spark of imagination and pure creativity to come up with a great idea. As a third party business looking in, we are able to provide a different perspective than what a business owner may perceive of his or her own company. 

Whether it be a flyer, a Facebook cover photo, an Instagram post, a banner, a logo design or even a short video commercial – we can bring the creative solutions!  

We are passionate about sending the right message across to the exact audience wanted in the best and most attractive way possible.  If your business is in a creative funk and needs some new ideas or pure brainstorming energy – that is where we come in! We will work together to help brand your company to be the best it can be. 

Social media has become a staple of the millennial community.  While it may be something that consumes the lives of many, it is also extremely useful in the business department! 

With the advantageous use of “cookies”, we are able to target and hone in on the exact target market a business is looking for.  The data that is collected allows us to better this service by sending advertisements throughout different social media platforms (depending on desired demographics, like age) to the exact potential consumer your business is looking for!  

Not only is this a time saver, but a money saver with some great ROI!  

This is a service we find to be the most individualized when it comes to different businesses.  We start by providing a field assessment in order to truly understand the ins and outs of a business. Then, we analyze any pain points, or relevant struggles, that a business may be going through and try to automate them with technology.  

The use of apps on phones has become a critical part in bringing more customers to a business.  Processes can be made easier on both the business and consumer ends.  

While the business can have the technological advantage of an app through which sales and services can take place; consumers may find it easier to use an app than to travel to a website to use a business. We strive to help your business become more efficient!

We believe in constant improvement and learning in order to better ourselves and to better serve our clients! As our business grows, so do our skills and knowledge base. It is our mission to bring the greatest ROI we can to each client we work with, regardless of the type of business.

Time For Take Off!